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The key to the exceptional care provided at Goddard's is our staff. The small staff treats each resident with respect and consideration. We are proud to be able to offer positive, personal, nurturing care.

We understand that residents are often experiencing a deep personal loss. Whether it is the loss of a spouse, the loss of mobility or health, or the loss of independence, we are aware of the special needs and concerns those losses create and we take the time to listen - and to care.

Exceptional concern, informal interactions and lots of one-to-one care in a private home setting provide gentle healing and a chance to "accentuate the positives" in each person. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and nurturing, and the residents often extol the many positive benefits of sharing a home with people who become good friends.


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Some people prefer a large, high-tech, residential care facility setting for themselves or their loved one, but for those who like life to be a little less structured and more relaxed, we think you will enjoy the informal social interactions that are only available in a small home setting.

Whether it's watching a movie on video, having an evening of conversation in the family room, or sharing a special cuddle with Maggie, our beloved family dog, Goddard's is the kind of clean, comfortable place where everyone is important and is valued for their special and unique contribution to the family.

If independent living is no long an option, our home is an alternative choice, where you would want to spend your golden years.

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